Station 13 Extends Outdoor Entertaining

Gorgeous pines and maples have been planted, adding to the great outdoors at the Station! Party lights strung over the west lawn and an extended patio encourage night time use of all the outdoor space available.

Two large, landscaped lawns at the Station gives our guests plenty of room to socially distance and safely celebrate life’s most precious events.

Interior and exterior space available for day rentals starting at just $500. See rental options and details by clicking here.

With nearly 9800 square feet, outdoor lighting and the newly extended patio, Station 13 offers plenty of space for both intimate gatherings or large events. Click here to follow us on Facebook for your event inspiration. Or check out Station 13 for your next event by contacting us @ – or call/text at 918.810.6765

Trees add to the beautiful landscape and provide shade for future outdoor day events.

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